Stefanova världsmästarinna


Antoaneta Stefanova, Bulgarien

partiet nr 3
Kovalevskaya (RUS) (2½) ½-½ (½) Stefanova (BUL)

Stefanova behövde remi i dagens parti för att ta VM-titeln.
Och det fick hon. Grattis!

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"...After the game and match were over Stefanova said she did not yet fully understand what had happened to her. "Maybe I will understand this tomorrow, or even later. For the moment I only know that I have won the final match."

She gave a lot of the credit to her father, who was her first chess coach. "I can say that he has played a great role in winning the World Champion’s Crown as well."

Her second Vladimir Georgiev was also vital to her success. "Vladimir helped me not only theoretically, but he was the one to whom I talked to during the whole period of the championship, and he also always supported me as a friend. Fifteen days is a long period of time and it is not possible to survive this all on your own."..."

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