Topalov vs Kramnik - Official Statement


Dear chess friends,
We are sending you an official statement of the Bulgarian Chess Federation concerning the present situation in the match Topalov – Kramnik.

Official Statement of the Bulgarian Chess Federation
The Bulgarian Chess Federation supports unconditionally the requirements of the World Champion Vesselin Topalov to continue the fight for the World title under normal conditions. He wishes to eliminate all possible doubts
concerning eventual help during the games. We approve the decisions of the Appellative Committee for the match and we insist that both participants complied with them. We believe that the attempts to change some of the members of the commission, which includes some of the most respected chess functionaries in the ruling body of FIDE, are just efforts to smear the authority of the International Chess Federation and its respected President Mr. Kirsan Iljumzhinov.

We think that the problem with Kramnik’s “toilet room” should not become the central obstacle to continuing the match. Still, the zeal with which it is discussed makes us consider that situation rather dubious. Chess games should be played on the scene, in front of the TV cameras and the
audience. It is there – where chess-players should think over their moves and make the crucial decisions. WC’s are supposed to be for some other activities. We have heard that some great discoveries and inventions have been made there, but is just another subject…

We suggest that our colleagues from the Russian Chess Federation, as well as all respected grandmasters, experts and journalists examined that problem thoroughly before making up their minds.
Who benefits from breaking up the match? Who has created the havoc in the World Chess movement and maintains it for so many years? These are all rhetorical questions and every member of the World Chess family knows the right answers to them.
The World Champion title is not idée fix for Vesselin Topalov and he has proved that numerous times. He confirmed that again by accepting to play that match in Russia, where it was hardly the most reasonable venue for organizing it…
The great game of chess should unite people and nations and not cause resentment and hate. We hope that Mr. Kramnik will abandon the idea of having “a key personal WC” and he will continue the match under normal conditions.

President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation:
Stefan Sergiev
Sofia, Sept 30, 2006