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  • The Queen's Bishop Attack Revealed, GM Plaskett
  • The Sicilian Bb5 Revealed, GM McDonald
  • Starting Out: Defensive Play, IM Dunnington
  • French: Advance and Other Lines, IM Pedersen
  • French: The Tarrasch Variation, IM Pedersen
  • Grandmaster Chess Move by Move, GM Nunn
  • Play 1...b6, GM Bauer
  • Starting Out: the Scotch Game, GM Emms
  • Starting Out: King's Indian Attack, GM Emms
  • Starting Out: the Sicilian Dragon, IM Martin
  • Opening for White according to Anand 4, GM Khalifman
  • Opening for White according to Anand 5, GM Khalifman
  • Schack! Lär från början 2, Robert Danielson
  • Catastrophe in the Opening, GM Plaskett
  • The Bb5 Sicilian, IM Palliser