Intervju med Bessel Kok, FIDEs presidentkandidaten


Igår kom in följande mail:

"You have the authorization to publish this interview.

Interviewed for WorldChessNetwork.com
Tuesday, 13th December 2005

Approximately one month ago, November 14th, Mr. Bessel Kok and Mr. Ali Nihat Yazici announced their "new and serious bid" for the Presidency of FIDE at the forthcoming elections in Turin, May 2006. You can read more about the campaign at RightMove06.org!

We have, with great help from Mr Geoffrey Borg, arranged an interview with Mr.Bessel Kok.

Michel Gagné,
Director of Marketing
World Chess Network"

"1. Greetings Mr. Kok. As a start, please tell us what were your motives to join the race for Presidency of FIDE.

For the following reasons:

- The decreasing lack of success that FIDE has had to attract public interest and corporate sponsors to the Chess World.

- To basically work again on a golden opportunity to reunify the Chess World after my efforts in Prague.

- The growing frustration of several hard working FIDE delegates with the slow pace in the changes that FIDE needs to become a modern sports Federation.

- The fact that I am semi-retired and have more time.

2. What will be your first step if you get elected?

To create a structure, based on meritocracy, which allows professional experienced people to work on worldwide corporate sponsorship programs.

3. Why are you the best candidate?

Because I have more than 20 years experience in the World of Chess, an excellent relationship with the leading Grandmasters, I have organized major tournaments and can combine all of this with vast business experience.

4. You already have the support of famous Grandmasters like Yasser Seirawan, Jan Timman and Judith Polgar. Do you expect more of them to take your side? What can you "offer" to the World's top players?

Yes, You will see over the next few months through our website and press releases, our full campaign support unfolding..."

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